5-axes grinding center with tool changer - The productive machine

MFP 50

Basic Data

The MÄGERLE MFP 50 combines flexibility and performance in a compact design. As a 5 or 6-axis system, this CD grinding and machining center shows its top form when dealing with challenging workpieces.

The high axis speed, minimal auxiliary times and quick tooling change make the MFP 50 one of the most productive machines of its kind. Processes such as grinding, cutting and drilling can be achieved to absolute perfection in a single clamping. High productive benefit with simple operation are the result.

The intelligent design principle takes production quality, safety and cost efficiency to a new level. The coolant nozzle, controllable via two axes, allows unrestricted freedom of movement and precise positioning of the coolant jet. Spindle speeds of up to 10,000 revolutions per minute guarantee the highest machining precision. The grinding wheels are always mounted right at the front of the spindle, and the profile is changed through automatic positioning of the diamond rolls in the direction of the Z-axis. This allows a generous machining clearance, as collisions between wheel flange and workpiece are practically excluded. In the MFP 50 the grinding wheel diameter is used to the maximum, resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Suitable for multiple-side and complete machining
  • Interfaces for automated cell production with robot connection
  • 24-position tool changer
  • Automatic overhead dressing
  • Grinding, milling, drilling and measuring in a single clamping
  • Compact 5/6-axis grinding center
C.O.R.E. panel
Hardware / Software

C.O.R.E. – Customer Oriented REvolution

Your Benefits

  • Intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient operation
  • Access to important information directly at the control panel (e.g. production progress, task details, etc.)
  • Reduced programming when exchanging data between C.O.R.E. machines
  • Use of UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions™ products directly on the machine
  • Fast support thanks to direct interaction with our Customer Care team on the machine

More about C.O.R.E.

Technical Data
kg / cm
lb / inches

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 500 mm
Max. Travel Speed X 30000 mm/min
Max. Travel Y 650 mm
Max. Travel Speed Y 20000 mm/min
Max. Travel Z 650 mm
Max. Travel Speed Z 20000 mm/min

Spindle drive

Max. Spindle Power 50 kW
Max. Number Of Revolutions 10000 /min
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 300 mm
Max. Grinding Wheel Width 60 mm

Swiveling Axes

Swiveling Range A 210 °
Swiveling Range B 360 °
Swiveling Range C 360 °

Workpiece Data

Table Sizes 500 x 650 mm

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 19.7 inch
Max. Travel Speed X 1181 inch/min
Max. Travel Y 25.6 inch
Max. Travel Speed Y 787 inch/min
Max. Travel Z 25.6 inch
Max. Travel Speed Z 787 inch/min

Spindle drive

Max. Spindle Power 67.1 hp
Max. Number Of Revolutions 10000 rpm
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 11.8 inch
Max. Grinding Wheel Width 2.4 inch

Swiveling Axes

Swiveling Range A 210 deg
Swiveling Range B 360 deg
Swiveling Range C 360 deg

Workpiece Data

Table Sizes 19.7 x 25.6 inch
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