Machine overhaul

We have a dedicated overhaul department with experienced employees at almost every production site. We will gladly provide you with on-site advice regarding the overhaul of your machine and draw up an inventory. Machine overhaul includes:

  • Complete dismantling of the machine
  • Repainting the machine and components
  • Construction of the machine and the associated geometry
  • Re-commissioning including functional and geometry testing


Benefits for you

  • The same precision and productivity as a new machine
  • Extended service life of your machine
  • No employee retraining for new machine required

Assembly overhaul

We analyze the assembly of your machine in detail and create a cost proposal tailored to your needs for assembly overhaul. Assembly overhaul consists of:

  • Functional and geometry tests
  • Assembly and geometry construction
  • Repainting the components

If required, we can undertake the conversion and retrofitting of options for you and commission the machine at your premises. Of course, you benefit from a warranty on all services performed.


Benefits for you

  • The final assembly is as good as new
  • Extended machine service life
  • Correction of geometry problems
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