Job description


VET ordinance of November 3, 2008, Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (OPET).


Professional prospects

  • Project manager in design
  • Technical commercial assistant
  • Technician TS
  • Engineer FH


Apprenticeships at MÄGERLE

We accept an apprentice every second year.

Course structure

Structure of the apprenticeship

You can complete your vocational training in four years. Design engineers will be trained in a training organisation and will attend a vocational school a maximum of two days a week. After the first two years, you will sit a 'partial exam' to complete your basic training. The second half of your training will consist of specialized training in your field of work.

Practical training

Basic training (2 years):

  • Four months external training (drawing / design technology)
  • A nine-month 'workshop internship' in our own production facility (production technology).

Drawing technology

  • Content
  • Technical documentation
  • Standards
  • Document management

Design technology

  • Analysis, planning
  • Implementation
  • Optimization
  • Design recommendations

Production technology

  • Manufacturing technology
  • Joining technology
  • Assembly technology

Specialized training (2 years):

In this part of their training, apprentices will deepen their knowledge and hone their skills by learning through example as they work on production orders and projects.

Vocational school

Vocational education

The subjects include:

  • General Education - Material and Manufacturing Technology - Mathematics
  • Learning and Working Practices - Drawing and Machine Technology - Physics
  • Technical English - Electrical and Control Engineering - IT
  • PE and sports - Inter-professional projects

After four years of vocational training, the vocational school will assess the theoretical subjects through the qualification procedure.

Federal vocational baccalaureate (FVB)

Upon passing an admissions exam, apprentices can attend an FVB school and graduate with a FVB.


Personal & academic requirements

  • Interest in drawing, diligent approach to work
  • Spatial intelligence / logical thinking
  • Good understanding of and interest in technology
  • Interest in mathematics, geometry and physics
  • Interest in working with computers and in a team
  • Completion of junior or senior high school


Fabienne Germann
Project Manager Technology, Mechanics
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